Weld Overlay for Refining and Process Vessels

Process corrosion & erosion damage in refinery and petrochemical process vessels is an operational reality. Process modifications, changes in feedstock, and the natural aging of equipment exacerbate the corrosion process. Without a permanent repair solution or preventative material upgrade strategy, operational reliability and vessel life will be compromised.

Vclad® Technology

The Vclad® weld overlay process, developed by DTEC, is engineered to combine digitally controlled synergic welding technology with multi-directional programmable automation. The result is a high quality and productive weld overlay process that can be applied to many repair and upgrade scenarios, ranging from replacement of original equipment design materials through to the application of corrosion resistant alloys.

Corrosion and material degradation in process vessels present plant operators and designers with many challenges. Vclad® weld overlay provides the solution to managing repairs and material upgrades on site within the constraints of turnaround schedules. Vclad® is a full fusion welding process, the applied weld overlay layer is homogenous with that of the base material.

Vclad® Applications

As is often the case 'unplanned' repairs are required to be carried out following internal inspections of vessels and columns during the Shutdown / Turnaround. As we develop, own and maintain our equipment we are always at a state of readiness to mobilise on an 'as required' basis. An extensive library of WPQR and WPS's covers the typical OEM materials of construction of plant and process equipment for weld metal build up (WBU) and corrosion resistant (CRA) alloy requirements

For planned/known scope activities collaborative assessment and review of corrosion and erosion damage by DTEC will enable practical and permanent repair solutions to be applied to critical process equipment, and prevent premature retirement, down-rating, or compromised reliability.

For cases where non-standard repairs are required, we encourage our customers to work with us in the development of repair procedures and mock-ups at our UK location. Mock-ups enable us to identify suitable repair scenarios and procedures for bespoke or complex repairs, whether it be limited access or unusual geometry.