Boiler Tube Weld Overlay

High temperature corrosion, and erosion-corrosion damage of tubes in fossil fuelled, energy-from-waste, and biomass boilers can effectively be addressed by replacement with Vclad® CMT weld overlaid tube.

Vclad® CMT is a proprietary weld overlay process that combines the economics and strength of carbon or low alloy base tube material, with a NiCrMo weld overlay layer in a range of materials specifically to meet the demands for corrosion mitigation in a variety of combustion environments.

Corrosion Protection

DTEC Vclad® CMT weld overlaid tube provides a solution to the problem of tube material loss and degradation, resulting in improved boiler plant reliability.

Vclad® CMT is a system technology delivering an automated and controlled application of Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) weld overlay to standard base tube materials. Programmable automation and advanced welding system architecture, ensure repeatable quality, and a high integrity weld overlay, with ultra low weld chemistry dilution.

Vclad® CMT weld overlaid tube is a solution for localised corrosion management in water walls, screen walls, and superheaters. The weld overlay application encompasses the full range of typical boiler tube sizes 38 mm – 76.1 mm, but with the enhanced capability for large diameters up to 220 mm diameter for header and collector bodies, and < 38 mm for specialised superheater applications.

Image of VClad CMT Boiler Tube Weld Overlay
Image of VClad CMT Boiler Tube Weld Overlay